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I hired Weston Henderson dba 50 Grit Studios to photograph my wedding.I paid him in advance for my album and he kept the money and ran.

I've tried to contact him so many frustrating times, but he's clearly ignoring me. And I've been nothing but nice to him all along. Not only did he steal my album money, but he also hasn't provided me all of the photos as promised in our contract. He also didn't provide all day coverage of the wedding as promised in our contract.

He was difficult or impossible to reach throughout the entire process. (He was only charming and nice until he got me under contract.) Too many additional frustrating details about him to list. He's a snake, a thief, self-serving, and a *** artist.

Avoid doing business with him like the plague!

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You don't know what you are talking about ! Weston is awesome and would recommend him to anyone without reservation . :) He did a great job on our wedding

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