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Please beware of Weston Henderson, Seattle-based photographer. My wife and I hired Weston Henderson to photograph our wedding. Hiring Weston was the biggest mistake we made in our wedding planning. Weston has caused us nothing but stress and financial burden. Weston seemed like such a cool guy until we entered into a contract with him. After that, here's everything that went wrong:

1. Weston was difficult to reach or completely non-responsive.

2. Weston didn't give us all the pictures he guaranteed.

3. Weston didn't shoot all of the styles of pictures we requested.

4. Weston didn't provide all the hours provided for in our contract. (He did surprise us with a second photographer – probably a kid looking to get experience – but the second photographer only gave us 30 pictures and Weston used this as a loophole for not providing us with pictures of me seeing my wife for the first time on our wedding day.)

5. Weston gave my wife grief about the amount of time she wanted to spend on wedding party pictures. Everything was rushed.

6. Weston went missing in action for several months after the wedding and wouldn't respond to call or emails.

7. Weston took over 3 months to provide most, but not all, of the wedding pictures.

8. Weston completely ignored emails from us inquiring about editing a few additional photos.

9. After providing us with most of the pictures, Weston ignored calls, emails, and letters from us inquiring about putting the album together for about 4 months and only finally chose to contact us when my wife posted some negative reviews.

10. Most importantly, we paid up-front for our album and Weston hasn't provided it – it's been almost a year since our wedding.

We're really unclear on why Weston chose to leave us high and dry on the album – especially when we were really kind to him throughout the process. We got a quote from another photographer for the album and it's going to cost us over $1000 to have it made. We've offered Weston a settlement offer of $650 (seemed like a fair offer to us), and he actually responded to that (only because he was upset by a negative review from my wife). He claims he only owes us $299 and sent us a link to an album printing company showing us that this is the COST of the album – plus, this is the cost of an album half the size we discussed. Not to mention, this amount doesn't include labor. We think his offer is extremely unfair and are still scratching our heads on why he didn't just put the album together for us so that we could all walk away happy. He says he's having some personal issues, but that doesn't seem like a good reason to me. We've researched around and $299 won't nearly get us what Weston promised. What a huge disappointment he was.

I highly recommend that you all avoid doing business with Weston Henderson. This has just been an awful experience for us. I hope this review speaks for itself and you avoid him if you are considering working with him. Best of luck.



I received an abusive & threatening picture on FaceBook from a Weston Henderson-don't know if it's your Weston Henderson but in the picture of him he had sunglasses and a hat on. I traced this one to Mississippi and he has an arrest record.

Weston Henderson dba 50 Grit took my money and ran!

Seattle, Washington 1 comment

I hired Weston Henderson dba 50 Grit Studios to photograph my wedding.I paid him in advance for my album and he kept the money and ran.

I've tried to contact him so many frustrating times, but he's clearly ignoring me. And I've been nothing but nice to him all along. Not only did he steal my album money, but he also hasn't provided me all of the photos as promised in our contract. He also didn't provide all day coverage of the wedding as promised in our contract.

He was difficult or impossible to reach throughout the entire process. (He was only charming and nice until he got me under contract.) Too many additional frustrating details about him to list. He's a snake, a thief, self-serving, and a *** artist.

Avoid doing business with him like the plague!

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You don't know what you are talking about ! Weston is awesome and would recommend him to anyone without reservation . :) He did a great job on our wedding

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